A Norwegian driver hit a bear on a rural road when attempting to avoid running into a moose.  The driver was traveling down a rural road when he noticed the moose in the middle of the road at around midnight.  He successfully swerved his car around the moose but did not realize that a bear was also a few feet from the road.

A local wildlife authority named Svein Erik Bjorke said “The driver had lost a bit of speed as he tried to avoid the moose before hitting the bear.”  Bjorke is currently searching for the wounded bear “we are currently tracking the bear and we have found traces of blood indicating internal injuries” he stated.  Authorities have reported that the driver of the automobile that hit the bear did not suffer any injuries but his car suffered major damages.  The Country of Norway has a small population but is full of wildlife.  There are only five million people in the Country of Norway but it has approximately 100,000 moose and 150 brown bears.