The Stupidest Tattoos in the World!!

What is worse then a bad tattoo?  A bad tattoo advertising a company.  Whats worse then a bad tattoo advertising a company?  A bad tattoo advertising a company that no longer is in business.

A human billboard is defined as an individual who applies an advertisement on his or her body.  This used to mean holding up or wearing a sign of some company logo or picture.  This term “human billboard” has grown into something much more extreme over the past few years.  People are now having advertising tattooed onto their bodies.  Skinvertising, as it came to be known, consisted of people tattooing company logos or names on their bodies for quick cash.  Many advertisers believed they had found an exclusive and unique way of promoting their brand or image.

One of the most infamous examples of skinvertising is Karolyne Williams’s tattoo.  In 2005 this Utah mother sold an ad space on her forehead for $10,000 to, a stunt that achieved a good amount of press for her and Golden Palace.  Companies grew tired of the trend by the late 2000s.  Unfortunatly for the individuals who took this advertising plunge by inking their own skin, their own tattoos have outlasted the companies that they chose to promote.  Below are some pictures of skinvertising at its finest.  ENJOY!!