Iceland’s new tourism slogan: Iceland, come find yourself!

A woman in Iceland who was reported missing Saturday night by a tour group she was with thought she went missing.  This woman later unintentionally joined a search party that was searching for her.  The woman was described as an “Asian woman in dark clothing who spoke English well” and was registered as a “missing person” near the Eldgja volcanic canyon in southern Iceland.  Cnews stated that the woman decided to change her clothing during a rest stop and later rejoined the tour group.  None of the tourists recognized her when she returned to the tour bus.  9News reported the search continuing through the weekend with reports stating she got off the tour bus and never got back on.  The woman was later reported missing on Saturday night.  Finally on Monday after a long weekend of searching for herself, the woman finally realized that she was the missing woman in question and notified local authorities of the confusion and told them she was safe.