The Times Tribune reports that a man in Scranton, PA is being charged with a drug crime after he pocket dialed 911 during a meeting with his drug dealer.  Police in Scranton arrested the man after the entire conversation was recorded and heard over an open line.  The Scranton police arrested 24-year-old Justin Kryzanowski on August 8th after dispatchers called and told them they had heard a conversation between Kryzanowski and another man about narcotics over an open line.

Justin Kryzanowski is officially being charged with possession of prohibited weapons and drug paraphernalia.  The police caught Kryzanowski by tracing the phones open line to the house he was staying in, where police found the drug paraphernalia, brass knuckles, and syringes full of Suboxone.  Suboxone is a prescription medication used for the treatment of opiod addiction.  Police also discovered his cell phone that had the same number that had called 911 earlier.  Mr. Kryzanowski confessed to meeting with his acquaintance who provided him with the Suboxone that he then consumed.

Pocket Dialing 911

Man Dials 911 During Drug Deal