Criminals used to try and avoid being observed while committing a crime, let alone filiming themselves committing the crime and then posting the video on a little website called YouTube.  Apparently criminals are finding it to be more difficult to resist the urge to roadcast their criminal exploits the viewing social media public.

In one recent case, 23 year-old Ronnie Michael Wynn posted a  4-minute video (Shown Below) of himslef firing a gun through the window of a stolen car while driving through a neighborhood in the city of Vancouver in Washington, USA.  He was showing off a 9 mm pistol and what looks like an assault rifle.  Ronnie alerted the world of Facebook that the video was up and ready for veiwing once he posted it.

An unidentified girl filmed the video that is titled on YouTube “Ron gotti shooting guns again” from the passenger seat of the stolen vehicle.  Just in case the police could not find the video on YouTube Ronnie made sure to post it on his Facebook page as well.  Ronnie Wynn is already in jail for crashing a stolen car, is now facing charges of possessing a stolen automobile, burglary, and two counts of firearm theft.  Clark County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Duncan Hoss stated that “I really wish more people committing crimes would videotape themselves in the act, it would make my job easier”.  While this criminal stupidity is making police officer’s jobs easier, according to Thomas Carr, a New York criminal defense attorney, these new tools are giving criminals “ much more opportunity to be stupid than ever before, its not enough to be a criminal anymore.  Now you have to show off how tough you are, how bad-ass you are.  Its just out-and-out stupidity.  It makes my job more difficult”.

This video of Ronnie Wynn driving around in a stolen car, shooting firearms is posted here below.  This video contains mature language.