“My name is Winona Ryder and I approve this message”

Fort Walton Beach- A woman in Fort Walton Beach stated that her medication was the reason she stole the fake eyelashes that police found in her purse. A Florida police deputy was called to a Walmart on Aug. 26 about an apparent shoplifting incident.  The deputy that was called to the Walmart was told that the woman took a package of fake eyelashes that were valued at approximately $10.  It was reported that she put them into her purse before leaving the Walmart without paying for them.

The woman told the Florida police officer that “I’m on medication and I stole some eyelashes”.  After hearing this, the deputy immediately read the woman her Miranda Rights and charged her with larceny.  History shows that the medication defense that the woman is using has actually worked in the past.  Actress Winona Ryder was charged with shoplifting and possession of a controlled substance back in December 2001.  Winona Ryder’s attorney contended that the actress was using medication because of the stress her film career caused her, and the medication caused her to steal.  Only time will tell if this woman in Florida uses the “Winona Ryder Defense” and gets away with shoplifting.