I don’t think that anyone is more upset about Mitt Romney losing to Obama in the 2012 Election then Eric Hartsburg.

Eric Hartsburg is a pro-wrestler from Indiana who had Romney’s presidential campaign logo permanently tattooed on his face before the election.  Hartsburg put his face “for sale” on eBay and shortly after was paid $5,000 to get the 5-by-2 inch logo tattooed on his face.  Hartsburg told Politico that he has zero regrets about the tattoo but he is disappointed and devastated by the election’s results.  Hartsburg stated that “I’m the guy who has egg all over his face, but instead of egg, it’s a big Romney/Ryan tattoo.  It’s there for life.”

According to Hartsburg, he has received a lot of negative feedback since getting the tattoo, and he wants people to know that his motive was to make politics fun.  Hartsburg is confident that this tattoo will open some doors of opportunity in the entertainment business.

Check out some other political tattoos below and decide for yourself if you think Hartsburg is the dumbest of them all.