New Orleans news source, WDSU News, reported that police in Thibodaux, LA have said a man attempted to avoid being arrested by soiling himself.  The police report states that a police officer pulled over Thibodaux, LA native, 53-year-old Wayne Benoit at approximately 2 p.m.  Police said they pulled him over after noticing Benoit was veering all over the road while driving his truck.  According to the arresting officer, Benoit reeked of alcohol and also completely failed the field sobriety test.

After failing the field sobriety test, Benoit recognized that he was going to be arrested and immediately started soiling himself.  The police officer that pulled Benoit over reported that Benoit thought that soiling himself would get him out of being arrested, unfortunately for Benoit the disgusting act did not stop the officer from arresting him.  Later that night after being transported to the Lafourche Parish Detention Center police discovered Benoit had a blood alcohol level of .20.

Wayne Benoit Mug Shot

Man Soils Himself Attempting To Get Out Of DUI

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