Bear-ly legal— A Cincinnati man was arrested for the fourth time in the past two years for having sex with a teddy bear in public.  Charles Marshall, 28, was arrested Wednesday evening after some employees at a health clinic noticed that he was masturbating with a teddy bear in a nearby alleyway.  This is the fourth time that police have caught Marshall having sexual relations with a teddy bear since 2010.

In this most recent incident with his teddy bear Marshall received a citation for disorderly conduct.  The Municipal Court has records showing that Marshall has already been convicted on three different occasions for engaging in disorderly conduct in public with a teddy bear.  This most recent incident has resulted in a small fine and short jail sentence for Marshall.

Charles Marshall was first caught in February 2010 after some individuals at a public library called the police after witnessing Marshall masturbating with a stuffed animal in the public library men’s restroom.  This 2010 arrest encouraged a judge to order Marshall to “stay away all public libraries”.  He was arrested for a second time in November 2010 and again in August 2011 for “masturbating using a teddy bear in a public place where minors were likely to be present.”  It is uncertain whether or not he used the same teddy bear on each separate incident.  People who are aroused by teddy bear are usually diagnosed with a disorder called Ursusagalmatophilia.  This disorder which is also known as Plushophilia includes any stuffed animal, not just teddy bears.