Confirmed… Dolphins Are Mans Real Best Friend..

Below is a shocking video confirms that dolphins have the hots for humans. Michael Maes, an underwater videographer filmed one of his recent encounters with a “frisky” dolphin. This video shows the dolphin who has been nicknamed “Stinky the Loner Dolphin” attempting to “ride” Maes and his fellow scuba diver. During this incident “Stinky” pushes the human down to the bottom of the ocean floor, which was approximately 400 feet deep. Maes stated that he loves dolphins but not in “that way”, and he posted this video to raise awareness of dolphin encounters.

Marine biologists have known that dolphins are very sexual creatures for a long time. Earlier this year marine scientists at the University of Massachusetts studied more than 120 dolphins in Australia. These scientists found that the dolphin males engage in extensive bisexuality, and periods of exclusive homosexuality. So it may not be uncommon for dolphins to try and attempt to hook up with humans, it is uncommon for humans to return the favor. There is however one documented case when it did happen.

Malcolm Brenner, author of the book “Wet Goddess”, about a man’s sexual relationship with a dolphin, says the book is based on the real life love affair he had with a dolphin in 1970. Brenner states that he met the Dolphin, whom he named Dolly, during a job he had taking photographs of Dolly for a children’s book. Brenner found being with a dolphin to be very erotic, claiming that “It’s like being with a tiger or a bear. This is an animal that could kill you in two seconds if it wanted to.”