Well it turns out that bullet proof also means human proof. This guy figured that out the hard way after trying to jump through a bulletproof window to escape police.

A criminal accidentally shoots himself in the leg during his daring bank robbery in Brazil. He is later arrested at a nearby hospital.

Miami Dolphins fans may not be the brightest fans in the world — well, at least these two aren’t. A pair of men was accused of stealing two Dolphins jerseys and a hat from a stadium store after a football game. One of the men showed up to court wearing the jersey he was accused of stealing.

“Could I have a Super Extra Large Double Soy Latte and a bag of free range diet oats for my horse, please? In Steamboat Springs Colorado a few people go on a wild horse ride through a Starbucks.

Stupid Criminal breaking into Convenient store, gets trapped and caught by the police surveillance camera.

Who would have thought that the movie “Italian Job” was actually based on a true story? Bank robber gets caught after pushing on the exit door when he should have pulled. Poor Guy.

Man Falls Through Ceiling of Store He’s Trying to Rob.

Thief makes a very ver SLOWWWWWWWWW getaway in a motorized wheelchair. He almost made it..

This has to be South Africa’s Dumbest Criminal. He is caught in the act of trying to steal while being booked by police.

This gun-wielding thief has a little trouble with his ski mask. Come on guy, shouldn’t this be the easiest part of the robbery?