“You can’t cure stupid” Seems like this tiger had a pretty good go at it!!

Tigers are the largest of all wild cats and are known for their power and strength.  Siberian tigers are the world’s largest and one of the most dangerous cats.
On Friday, A 25-year-old man jumped from a New York Bornx Zoo monorail into the Siberian tiger exhibit.  The Siberian tiger that lives in the zoo enclosure attacked the man and critically injured him.  Bronx Zoo emergency workers scared the tiger off with a fire extinguisher after the tiger had nearly killed the man.  According to a statement released from the zoo, the man was riding the zoo’s elevated monorail in the afternoon and leapt from a car, clearing a fence around the tiger enclosure.  After the emergency workers were able to retrieve the man, he was taken to the hospital in critical condition.  Fire and zoo officials reported the man suffered bites and puncture wounds on his legs, arms, and shoulder during the attack that lasted around 10 minutes.  Frank Dwyer, a fire department spokesman stated that “one leg was severely injured” but he could not confirm or deny that the man had lost one of his feet during the attack.  It is believed that the man would have died if the workers had not been able to perform so well in this emergency situation.  The tiger is a 400 pound, 11-year-old male Siberian tiger named Bachuta.  The zoo stated that the tiger would not be put down and it will not be taken out of the exhibit.  Zoo directory Breheny said “the tiger did nothing wrong in this case at all” and it was “just an extraordinary event that happened because somebody was trying to endanger themselves.”